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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is this new request system and how does it work?

Answer: The request system is a fair share system where users can submit movie suggestions to be reviewd by staff.
To submit a movie, please find the IMDB link or IMDB Code, (eg tt0499549,) and paste it into the request submit box.
The system can also handle movie names: e.g. Avatar (2008)
You can only request for movie titles (can not request for quality)
Once you submit a movie, it will remain pending until it is reviewed by one of our staff members. If all goes well, it will be moved to the 'requests' section. Once a movie is in the requests section, all users will have the ability up-vote their favourite movies.
When a staff member confirms a movie request, the movie will be moved to the confirmed list. The confirmed list is essentially a 'to-do list' for the uploaders.
Staff members will not accept movies which are not yet released on bluray. This will be illustrated by a message saying, "Waiting on bluray release."
Users currently receive 1 request per week, and 1 vote per day, accumulating to maximum total of 3 requests and 10 votes at one time, so use them wisely. :P
Please use this system in a fair manner;

With great power comes great responsibility.

Please note that this request system is still in beta testing stages

Question: How Do I play .MKV files?

Answer: Many media players are able to play the MKV container. I highly recommend installing a free program called VLC Player.

Question: How do i play .MKV movies on my xbox360 pr PS3?

Answer: Yes this is possible. To make the video files playable on a PS3 or xbox360 please follow this Xbox/PS3 guide

Question: How Do I turn Subtitles Off or On?

Answer: Different Players have different ways of doing so... But in VLC you can turn the subtitles off/on by following these instructions

Question: Why won't this movie play on my PlayStation/Blu-ray/etc.?

Answer: This may be caused by a special movie protection system called Cinavia. Many devices, including the PlayStation 3+ and other Blu-ray players, will refuse to play a movie when it detects this protection system. You can try watching it on another device, or try to find a copy of the movie without Cinavia protection. You can read more about Cinavia here.

Question: My computer always crashes when I try to open the Movie directory or the movie itself?

Answer: This problem is always caused by DivX player trying to render a thumbnail image of the movie. To fix this Uninstall DivX player completely from your system, and as a replacement, install VLC Player or K Lite Codec Pack.

Question: How do you do it? Making movies so small, yet such good quality?

Answer: Magic hehe. But in all seriousness I use a combination of software and settings that I have found to work best. For beginner encoders I recommend Handbrake and Format Factory, very powerful tools that do a really good job.

Question: How can I give back for all the hard work that has gone into the website and uploads?

Answer: seeding our torrents for as long as you can and a simple 'Thank you' comment here and there, is all I ask for :)

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