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XBOX/PS3 Tutorial

Make YTS Movies compatible with ps3 or xbox360 in less than 10 mins

Since both the ps3 and the xbox360 can not play the .mkv extension we will need to change this so they can recognise the file and play it:

  1. Download and install mkvtoolnix and later extract and paste the content from MKVExtract in the mkvtoolnix folder.

  2. Step 1

    Using MKV Extract import the movie and extract both the video and audio stream from the .mkv container to a directory of your choice
    Step 1

  3. Step 2

    Note down the Video Frame rate from my torrent info of that movie (23.976fps or 24 fps or 25fps)
    Step 2

  4. Download mp4muxer and extract the zip folder to a directory of your choice.

  5. Open up mp4muxer.exe and import both the video stream and the audio streams that were just previously extracted.

  6. Step 3

    Select the video stream and make sure that the frame rate is the exact same as the original
    Step 3

  7. Step 4

    Click on "Multiplex" and wait until a new message comes up saying Completed.
    Step 4

  8. ALL DONE the newly created MP4 file is now PS3 and xbox360 friendly and will play flawlessly :)